Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy Peasy wrap dress....

I really love Kimono style tees for a new baby. New babies hate having things pulled over their heads, its no wonder, I wouldn't like it much after going through the birth process either!

I got a great deal on some fabrics at JoAnns yesterday and also picked up some brand new Carters Kimono Tees for 3 for $3 at Ross yesterday. When I got home I started playing with fabrics. I wanted to achieve and easy ruffle skirt onsie type thing without having to cut up the tees, which is more time consuming. Lets face it, easy is my best friend right now.

After a bit of fabric and 20 minutes I came up this little number.

Its a simple ruffle skirt attached to the bottom of a infant kimono tee. Its so easy and fast to make and I hope to put on, I will update when baby Zen gets here to try it on. It no harder than to just snap the tee and tie the sash. I think it will be great for those Sunday's when we are rushing to get ready.

I think I will work on a tutorial and better pictures soon, like all my other projects, LOL. I think next time I will make the sash a bit longer so it can be tied in a bow, but over all I love it.

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